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 Here's what happened late last Sunday night.
I had been away on business for a week and a half, and my wife was having her period. Damn, I was horny. My plane landed about midnight, and with my wife not due back until the following day (she had joined me for the last few days of the trip), I decided to stay up a bit later and get my rocks off...some how, some place...We'll there are 3 places that I used to frequent around town. The first was the closest and the cleanest, but no holes, just booths. I've gotten lucky there in the past, but by the time I got there it would be about 2 AM. The second option was a movie house, usually lots of action, but it was the farthest drive, and again, what kind of action could I expect at 2 AM on a Sunday night or Monday morning.


 The third option was a set of booths where the holes cum n go. I've always got lucky there, so off I went.  At first, there seemed to be no one there, but that changed quickly. After a few minutes of watching some porn and moving from booth to booth to find where the holes were 'open', I settled in. I heard the door open on the booth next door, and within seconds there was a set of fingers in the hole...urging me to give him my cock. Instead of dropping my shorts and giving in to my horniness, I stuck my fingers through the hole. A very nice semi-hard cock came popping thru. I dropped to my knees and started sucking n stroking it until he was rock-hard. I turned my head so I could suck on this great cock while watching some shemale get banged on the TV screen.


I keep sucking n stroking, payimg alot of attention to the underside of his cock, right behind the head. I sucked him for about 5 minutes before he gave me his hot load.  Usually the guy really starts moving, or moaning, or just tries to stick even more of his cock thru the hole as he gets close...not this guy. No advance warning (not that I minded), no extra movement...just spurt after spurt of hot juicy cum. He filled my mouth, and then I pulled him out and finished him off by stroking him onto my face. After the last shot, I sucked him back into my mouth and sucked him dry.  No getting soft here, or pulling out of the hole here.

He kept hard and in my mouth for a few more minutes, then pulled out.  I was all set to give him my cock, but at first he seemed to be leaving...then the familiar fingers thru the hole and I slide my cock in. A hot, wet mouth immediately greeted me.  He gave a great blowjob...different that I've had before. Very little movement...no hand support. He sucked me in deep, and just held me deep in his throat...and swallowed, and kept up the swallowing action. That was the only movement.
So my hard cock and full balls were getting the fantastic blowjob. Nice and warm and wet, and then a tightening (as he made a swallowing action) just around the top half of my cock. Then a few seconds later the tightening again as he swallowed again. Over and over. He was milking my cock from inside of his mouth. We'll the fullness of my balls and the talents of his mouth/throat made for a winning combination.

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I probably only lasted 3 or 4
minutes, before I felt that great feeling start building up in my balls. He could tell I was close (I don't hide the fact) and kept up his constant sucking and swallowing action on my cock. I started shooting n shooting. No change in his technique.  Still sucking deep and 'slow'. I don't believe he missed a drop. It had to be buried deep within his throat. After my spasming subsided, he licked me clean and left. I don't know if it was the technique, the fact of how horny I was or a combination (and I really don't care), but it was one of the best blow jobs I ever gotten. I stuck around a while longer, even heard a gal and a guy in the place (never saw them though), and left at about 3:30 am. It was great.


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